Personal Training


CFM Personal Training is a unique opportunity to set your personal fitness goals with your coach or to work very precise on your improvement of  certain CrossFit Skill one by one next to our group experience.

CFM has a wide reference list of clients in eight years since 2014. Our certified experience coach Steffen will push you and motivate you.

Our fields are:

  1. Movie & Media
  2. Management
  3. Modeling
  4. Politics
  5. Sports
  6. Comedy & Singer

You will have access alone and private to the gym. Privacy is an most important factor for our clients.

We can work on your goal to make you fit  for media events, create a HIIT programm for stress release, or balance your body and mind with a full body pump training next to your job & family.

In addition we can set a nutrition program to push your personal body goals.

If you are interested type us an Email to lars(at) and make an appointment to check out the wonderful private location with high quality equipment and parking direct front door.