NEW!! OPENING JANUARY 2024 HYROX MITTE – Heidestrasse 49

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Coach Julius Hyrow Mitte


Coach, Athlete & Official Hyrox Embassador

Head of Social Media, Partnerships, Events


I’ve done my first Hyrox back in 2019 and since then I already did 8 races in total going through Single, Single Pro, Mixed & Male Double Divisions. I’m coaching fitness since 2016 and became a Hyrox Coach in 2022. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you. No matter if you want to compete and get ready for the 2024 season or you just join for some more cardio workouts! I will provide you with some fun and sweaty workout sessions at Hyrox Mitte

Hyrox coach Alena


Coach & HYROX Winner 2023 Hamburg (Mixed Team)


Hi all! A few years ago I transitioned from being a customer into a coach and pursued my passion from a new angle. I mostly coach bootcamps, HIIT and full body workouts and what I like the most about coaching is to see how much people enjoy pushing their limits and getting better. Last year I did my first race in Hamburg, the place where Hyrox was born, and since then I fell in love. Looking forward to more races this year and to seeing you all in my classes, let’s smash it together!💥

Coach Kunal 2


Coach, Athlete & Winner Hyrox Hamburg 2023 (Mixed Team)

Head of Academy & Education


Hey y’all! I’m an energetic fitness trainer with over a decade of experience in New York and Berlin. I hire coaches, teach group fitness and PT clients, and have my CrossFit CF-L1 certificate. You can find me at Barry’s, BEAT81, and Spree CrossFit – specializing in Kettlebell and Hyrox coaching. Proudly, I won my first Hyrox race in 2023 during the Hyrox Team Relay in Hamburg. Can’t wait to bring my passion and expertise to our team!


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